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1982 volvo 240 - vdo fuel tank sender calibration


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Oct 4, 2019
I am having trouble calibrating the resistance on a fuel tank sender from a 1982 volvo 240.
the part number is: 1367254

and it costs a lot:
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 12.25.52 AM.png

any ideas if some of those cheaper senders which have the same resistance (on all 240s) will work by me just putting caps on the extra openings...I see another problem with the mesh pickup for filtering dirt particles as well...???
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If I recall correctly they are 0-250 ohm senders. So you can use the one for a EFI engine with the extra ports capped off. I have used the aftermarket senders without any problems.
mine has a filter to stop debris from getting sucked up...tomorrow I will measure the pickup tube diameter on mine and see if that mesh pickup comes off
Here are the specs for testing the fuel sender.
Here are the specs for testing the fuel sender.
yup that's the one you gave me before, put in image 5 on the imgur link, thanks again. Any idea about the fuel pickup tube...the non-carb ones lack the sieve... tomorrow I will measure the tube pickup size and also see if the carb style fuel tank sender comes off
We only got fuel injected cars here so I've never seen a carb fuel sender.

The filter is listed as a separate part in the parts catalog so it should come off.
if the filter inter-changes, the only thing I am worried about is the hose that connects from the sender to the hard fuel link...it's like a rubber hose exterior with threaded brass connections on one side...not sure of what it is inside

^ That's a sender for an early tank. It won't fit your tank.

There's a hard plastic fuel line inside the rubber cover. It's the return line that would need to be plugged for use with a carb.
Yes just saying that style is how mine looks like in my imgur photo link for maybe what you have seen in the US. Mine is 1367254 and 200 something on VP
wow...went to a place that recalibrates these today. big bucks and they told me there is no guarantee they can get it right
got the fuel level tank sender marked "VDO" and "Volvo" off ebay for $60, plugged both unused hose connections and removed the new in-tank pump cable harness simply by cutting the wires, it came with a ground cable but automatically grounds with the base...everything works.

didn't have to spend $250 and got original VDO quality...also the new resistance circuit is printed on the circuit board vs the hand-spun delicate resistance wiring on the old fuel level sender--this is a better upgrade.

migrated the pickup sieve/filter from the old sender onto the new one using pressure...

also replaced the nylon hose with a rubber 7.5 mm inner diameter fuel hose that goes from the sender/pickup tank tube to the brass threaded connector which connects to the long metal fuel line...the length of this in the catalog states 460mm or 18 inches but the original nylon/plastic hose is actually about 15 so I settled on 16.