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1986 244: Replacement Heater Control Valve?


New member
Mar 30, 2004
Hello all,

The heater control valve in my '86 244 seems to have failed in a partially-open position. IPD doesn't sell replacements and recommended I get a junkyard one or adapt one. I later saw that Scan Tech sells a kit for about $62. To those of you who have recently replaced the heater control valve...if you used the Scan Tech kit, did you have a good result? If you used a different store-bought valve to good effect, what did you use?

Thanks much.

Volvo changed the valve in '92 and have since discontinued making the older valve, and it looks like no one else makes spares anymore so you have to buy the kit to convert to '92+ style valve.

The only aftermarket valve I've seen is the scantec, so take your pic between that price and the ridiculous price the Volvo dealer will demand. Note that fcpgroton.com lists the same kit for only 39.00 ;-)
some years ago we changed the heater valve as well, volvo makes a new kind of valve that fits in nicely, but you need to bend a bit of metal to mount it. Comes with instructions etc.. works very good. No thermostat etc, just a valve that replaces the whole old valve/thermostat.
I got the IPD version (about 9 months old) in my 1990... and, since I am parting it out you can get first dibbs before I put it on Ebay. PM me if you like.
Thanks much for your help. It'll be nice to get this fixed...

Take care.