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1990 240 Turbo


May 6, 2011
In 2009 my dad bought this car for me to be my first car. Soon I realized that it had too little power. Since then I was searchin +T it. Car had B200F and M47 in it, so in Finland it is noGo for turbo it with original block.

Here is how the ''Old thirsty lady'' sits right now.

Rebuilt '90 B230FT ''K'' block From 740
Mitsubishi 18t turbo
Big Green injectors from Bosch
New style oem exhaust header
V cam
Self made 3 to 2,5'' exhaust With two mufflers
Walbro 450 e85 fuel pump
M47 and stock clutch
-45/35mm lowering springs and shocks by Lesj?fors/GTS Performance
Upper and lower GT bars & Strut bar
Dual 19mm sways at front
Dual sways rear
300mm front discs
Clear lenses for blinkers, from Hova.com
Volvo 15''x 5,5'' wheels with 195/65r15 tires

Whole car is built as budget allows me to do, so everything that can be made by myself is done as it as I can at the moment. This car is kinda learning process and having fun with cars for me.

So last summer after long four years I found a bargain block with lots and lots miles on it from southern Finland. I was searching block with squirters, but I thought that this is good opportunity to start turbo project and I can find newer block after. I drove head to the machine shop, and assembled rest of the engine with new bearings and seals. I had an issue with engine at the first few miles with it. Oil pump seal from it's pipe popped and caused some flickering at oil pressure warning light. I took the engine off, checked it and resealed the pump.

Currently it is like ordinary b230ft- engine with A-cam. So it is quicker than it was when I got the car but nothing special :) Sorry for the huge pictures:lol:
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Nice car! Being a Finnish Volvo enthusiast, you must know of Bamse and his turbo underpants. If not, plug Bamse turbo underpants into the search on YouTube.
He and his group is well known in Finland. Older guys and people who do anything with cars or motors of all sorts know him!
Last summer I just enjoyed driving car as it was, only change for whole car was grill. This is version 3 I think :) I decided to keep car in garage winter time, because in Finland they use road salt to melt roads and increase grip. I hate rust repairs. 8 years ago when dad bought this car we realized that left back door panel is having a light rust issue at the front low corner. Two week ago I did metal and base paint work for it and now it waits paint.

I got this Bross front airdam and skirts that have been in storage 3 years now. I decided to try front peace as black. It is too black as it is so I tried white tape to pop the lip out.

I like it more in person than in pictures. Let's see how it looks when I get skirts on and take car outside for better light. Last week ''new'' turbo arrived. Td04hl-18t from 1998 v70R, needs rebuilt and mods to fit RWD setup. I'm going to remove original ecu and make it run with Megasquirt, maybe next winter, and get chips for now.


Little update since I have worked with car. Eventually I didnt get chips for ecu and 18t is still waiting gasgets and bearings. I did update IC and move battery to trunk, R injectors are coming, and I'm about to order overhaul kit for turbo, just can't deside which one to order :roll:

Guy some 50kms from my place will do tune for my car when I have all parts and snow melts away.

Some pics



Car had a temperature issue couple times before I did put it to garage. Trouble expanded while i was helping my co worker with his mercedes at my place. Drove car out side and left it running, I tought that it will charge battery while running. So no heater blwer on, cooling fan did not start and when i remembered that car is out, temp gauge was over red and steam was blowing under hood. Durnig next day i started car again and discovered some bubbles in expansion tank after cooling system thermostat opened. Took the head off and found blown gasket. Cylinder head did survive aa straight that it was, and after gasket change car ran smoother. So I was lucky that it blew now, rather that in spring, when i have new turbo and bigger injectors:oops:

I ordered new chra unit for turbo from UK. Lets see how this ends...
So after last update, my chra unit arrived, and I did change some things at enginebay. IC moved to front of the car, so new cooling pipes had to be made. Because there was only ~3" of space oil cooler had to be moved to enginebay. I dont take enough pictures while working, but i try to take some whem I am finished.

I want to ger rid of that cone filter and change it to OEM with 940 airbox. New cooler lines give me space to do so.



Took her for a little spin to test if brakes still do their job. All good, I didn't remember how fun it is to drive. I am searching 3" amm, lsu 4.9 oxy sensor and few other minor things before i start to make exhaust for bigger turbo.

I washed the whole thing and took few pics:




So, I bought a V cam for this, and been looking for -025 or -012 amm's. I am newbie with this tuning stuff so, is 012 ferrari version good or bad for using in stock location? I have understood that it does not have th?t thin hot wire in it?

Some photos taken with my camera :)





I dig the front spoiler. Nice looking 244.

I sure dig it too, still got original tho :)

Rear of car needs still work, this bross kit has rear part, but I personally hate it being too big. Been thinking of rear spoiler too, maybe 850 R or flathood trunk with group A.
Group A :nod:

I think your 244 would look great with black trim and door handles to go with the white/black theme you’ve got going...
Group A :nod:

I think your 244 would look great with black trim and door handles to go with the white/black theme you?ve got going...

I have forgotten those chrome pieces that you mentioned. I've been bouncing betveen plastidip and tape, maybe i use both :)

Group A spoiler is kinda agressive, but it looks that it does something that it is supposed to do. Someone here had a nice white 242 with golden mesh rims and a G A spoiler that made me like that spoiler ;-)
I added double sways at the front axle earlier, but today I installed same to rear. Maybe someday I will get IPD ones when I upgrade the suspension more

Yesterday i went to MOT test, I was pretty sure that my rear brakes have come to end, so I was pretty sure that inspector says no go for me. I did some heavy braking before test, so all this wobling thing ended. Pads are worn but still has enough material. Brakes were good, and mechanically car was ok.

When he started doing emissions test, CO2 level was 2.19 at Idle. All good at higher rpm. I had same issue year before, changed plugs and wires. Car has 1-3-1 (no Crank sensor signal during start) code at LH. I have changed 3 different cranck sensors, so I am not thing that its a sensor issue. Immediatly put new distributor head on and cleaned rotor. Parts Guy sold wrong rotor so has to clean old. Car has Blaster 2 coil. It sucks to change new spark parts every years, there must be problem somewhere.
Fun stuff started lasten weekend, when I changed A-cam to more happy V-cam. Today old 13c turbo got rid off and 18t from '98 v70r is in! I will change oil and injectors during incoming weekend. Next week we will tune ECU work with new parts.

Moded 3" exhaust to fit straight flanged bigger turbo


Random pic with new AMM

So, new oil, filter and injectors are in. Did a successfull test drive with only small pressure and it worked nice. Next is mapping time!