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1990 Volvo 760T Running Problems


Nov 18, 2007
Irvine, CA
90 760 T. 78K

I cant figure this car out....
Runs like totally a$$, as soon as the car gets into a little boost it bogs down and fights all through the acceleration. I have changed injector seals, distributor cap and rotor with no improvement.

i'm just stumped at why this car runs so poorly. Does the AMM? or ECU? need to be replaced. I'm sure this problem is electrical.... Also the car shoots out no codes.
Check for boost leaks, sounds like some hose clamp(s) aren't tight enough. I've had mine do that, it was leaking at the recirculating blowoff. Basically what happens when you have a boost leak is that air that has been metered is being lost, so the computer is adding tons of fuel for air that isn't there.