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240 1992 240 flame trap missing?

Maximum Turtles

New member
Feb 18, 2014
Santa Rosa, CA
So I opened up my new to me 1992 240 with the intention of cleaning the pcv system, but when I opened the oil separator, I didn't find a flame trap.


Does the 1992 system come with a flame trap? am I looking in the right place?

If somone had removed the flame trap in the past, why, and what could I do about this?

Thanks in advance.
I don't know why,but check the hoses for any cracks.make sure they're not clog up and buy a flame trap and put it in.I would buy the kit instead of paying shipping for one little item.
The dealership parts guy in my neck of the woods told me that they stopped installing then years ago. Follow your heart, but there is at lest some precedent for it not being there.
I just removed it. I see no reason to ever have it, especially considering I just had to clean up my sister's BP oil spill from the clogged brass one that was in the car.