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1992 aw70 to 1980 M46 wiring question.


New member
Dec 11, 2007
Lexington, Ky.
Hey all,

I am working on a trans swap. I have a question regarding wiring.

I pulled the wiring harness out of the donor car, a deisel (i've already swapped bellhousings).

When I pulled the OD wiring out, I found the yellow wire that goes into the #4 spot on the round plug.

On my 1992 240, the #4 spot houses a SRS wire

Where should the yellow wire go on my 240?
Does the car still have the airbag installed? If no, wire it to the SRS wire spot. If yes, then, put a female disconnect on the wire (a .187" terminal is needed) and plug it into where the Aw70 overdrive wire was connected. When the up arrow is on, the overdrive is on.

The SRS light will work for an overdrive light but the overdrive/upshift light is triggered by a ground signal so it won't unless you reverse the polarity with a relay.

You could also just install a light in one of the blank switch panels.
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