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1993 volvo 240 wagon manual speedo number?


Nov 15, 2017
Anyone happen to know what the speedo K number should be on a 1993 volvo 240 wagon with a manual?
Lookup your tire size and find the revs/mile. For instance, 195-60R15's are 833 revs/mile.

Then multiply by the number of tone ring teeth in the differential (48 for a '93 with ABS) to get pulses per mile coming from a stock 240 rear end. The pulses per mile is marked on the later electronic speedometer faces, e.g. K40168 or K39200. Pick the closest one.
So the gear ratio for the rear has nothing to do with it? I'm thinking very seriously about going with a cd009 in my new dream wagon and I'd like to change the gauge cluster to match the lower geared rear of a manual.
If you keep the 240 axle and differential, the speed sensor goes through the back of the diff cover and measures the rate of axle rotation. With this, the transmission gearing, and diff gearing, doesn't matter.

If you're trying to use the speed sensor off the transmission itself, you'll need to do some searching -- I don't know if there are common adapter boxes, or tricks, so that you can keep the factory speedo.
No no. I'm going to keep using the rear end sensor. I have a 531 head and squirter block. I'm looking for 200hp so the dana rear should be fine.