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1999 v70 wont start sometimes


May 6, 2011
So I got this 1999 B5244T V70 and I've got problem to start it. Sometimes with cold engine it cranks but it doesn't fire up. If i do 3-6 starts eventually it starts like there is no problem at all. When it starts, starting period is normal length. And every time it has started it works just fine.
No codes with cheapo OBD II diagnostic tool or fault light gloving whatsoever.

I did change cranckshaft sensor. Fuel pump burrs same way as it has been doing for a year when I turn the key. Today last time when it did that, pump did pressure every time when I turned the key. Normally it doesn't. Bad fuel pump?
It could be many things. What I would do is maybe try flooring the pedal when cranking, it could be flooding and I THINK that car MAY have a clear flood mode.

Or maybe try starting it on alternate fuel source light starting fluid. Just a test that comes to mind....

I would plug in a scan tool and look at data and see if I could find anything stored in the memory or find any faults in the displayed live data.
Change out fuel relay and report back. Should be the same in pics
<a href="http://s1179.photobucket.com/user/jroth60/media/926EC262-F78B-4E4E-8A96-FCE970F66C64.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x400/jroth60/926EC262-F78B-4E4E-8A96-FCE970F66C64.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 926EC262-F78B-4E4E-8A96-FCE970F66C64.jpg"/></a>
<a href="http://s1179.photobucket.com/user/jroth60/media/E5F9E54B-171E-4C41-B379-A0703DE41B2E.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x400/jroth60/E5F9E54B-171E-4C41-B379-A0703DE41B2E.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo E5F9E54B-171E-4C41-B379-A0703DE41B2E.jpg"/></a>
Likely a cam sensor. Crank sensor is used once started, cam sensor is used for injector sequencing during startup. If it's gone (common failure part), you will get no injector pulse but the pump will still prime, just crank and no start.
I ordered used cam sensor yesterday, i may get it tomorrow. They suggested cam sensor at the Finnish Volvo forum, it sounds like that it doesn't get fuel when it's starting. Next is that red relay, if it won't work out. Thanks for the answers!

Edit: I was wondering that can camsensor be just dirty?
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$40 used cam sensor, couple hundred on a labscope, which I kinda doubt is in the OP's toolbox.

Think back Zach...you got stuff done without it with help from others with the exact same symptoms. That method still works, despite the fact YOU have a labscope.
You can Try This

We had a similar problem with our 99 V70. First: Try a second key. I believe the immobilizer may be your problem.

Second: There is a connection from the antenna ring that gets corroded. Easy access, but at my advanced age I don't remember exactly, so you'll have to do some internet searching on this site or others. Key words would be antenna ring, immobilizer.


Those sensors cost me like 30? peace, so I'm not eager to buy 200?/$ tools first, I was asking has anyone had same problem.

I've been searching immobilizer problems from google, but I haven't get anything because bad search words. I tried my second key when fault is on. Sometimes it starts faster, sometimes not.

Edit: New Volvo OEM immobilizer key antenna costs 58? in Finland. Parts sales man said that he has sold those parts for similar problems and he said that it should be it.

He even described symptoms before I said anything about what my car does. Antenna wont recognize my car key and in x time period it does.
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I wonder if there was an issue with a bad connection or bad wiring, that when disturbed to replace the antenna, it may have cleared up temporarily?
Stuck open IAC?

On our S70 I had intermittent problems that was solved by adding a tie wrap to the cable that goes to the AFM, the pins needed better tension.

If you have an android device you can get Torque which can monitor all your engine sensors in real time, cost about 5 dollars and you can use a 10 dollar OBD interface cable
Everything is possible, if problem comes back again I start search again and will check the things you two mentioned. Pins in that plug were clean and it felt tight when I plugged it in to part. Today I had 10+ starts, started normally everytime. I`m feeling positive about this. Let's see how it works. Parts sales man said that he remembers 4 or 5 customers wit same problem with that part.