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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

yea sorry, I started it and got sidetracked by air disasters and never made it back off the couch.
We’re “snowed” “in” (school air quotes), so i could do a quick meet. (It’s actually pretty bad near school, i had to drive over to see, but there was nothing to scoff at, except for the ill-prepared drivers who were out playing “**** around at find out”, and looooosing)
Sorry I missed it. Got plowed by what might be the rona on saturday.

Not a great experience.

*edit from the future*
It was the rona.
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It's that time again Kenny!

Are you going to be available?

Is anyone going to be available?

Will the sportsball game effect attendance?

If cheese is just mold then what's the problem?

Find out soon!
uhhh ooo. actually... no. I can kick it off and pop in later, but I've got plans saturday evening.
aight I can kick it early today if folks want, and then hand off admin to someone else for the evening. cleaning up in the shop (kent did most of the work), and then working on some ellis juan heads