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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

I'd be down for getting in on the next one. Time zone should work. I'll see if any of the rest of the UK posse are interested.


If we wanna keep doing these things I'll spring for an account, it'd be worth it to me not to risk anyone's employment.. my main concern was co-opting Jarred's idea. A bit better organization (at least on my part) would also probably be a good thing next time. I'll try not to wait until an hour after the start time to strap the car down :lol:
lets do something in july. I've got 47 irons in the fire right now, and by mid july I'll only have about 65.
I'm still down for this unless it's going to be at like 10pm local time for you guys!



Me and my brother would also like to join in, assuming somewhat euro friendly times as well:-P

later times would work better for yall, right? errr, well, maybe.

to do something conducive for yall (which I am not at all opposed to, so don't take it that way), we'd need to get it rolling in the middle of the afternoon/noon local time. that's a bit of a challenge for a number of reasons, but we can see... it's also hotter than the hinges of hell in the shop at that time of day, so dyno type shenanigans might be limited (of course, it was hotter than the hinges of hell tonight at 8pm too, so, there may simply be no love for that right now hahaha)
Ah yeah I can imagine, from a random calculator it figures that 10pm in Alabama is about 5am here, and about 4am in the UK.

So maybe somewhere in between 10pm - 2am Alabama time? If I'm going to mess with my sleeping rithm I might as we have some morning beer:lol:
UK guys are 5 hrs after me (east coast US). So when it?s 10pm here it?s 3am there.
You?re central, 1 hr earlier than me. But if they don?t do DST, you?re currently 5 ahead of them.
Hey guys. Sorry, ducked out for a while there.

We do work calls with the US quite regularly, but obviously that's during the day. I think mid-evening (US) would work fine for me - I'm usually up until at least midnight anyway, so 7-8pm with you guys would be OK for me.