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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

maybe get a little more participation this time (not that it wasn't fun catching up with the OG's)?

on a similar note, what are some decent and cheap mics and cameras? could do it up better in the shop than last time. Thinking a little later start might be easier for some folks? or was that good?

I thought it was a solid idea from the Jay-rod meister, I'm not trying to steal his thunder if he wants to host again.. I just wanna get the ball rolling. Could make it monthly or bi-monthly depending.

Is that the right link for the meetup?
so slight change in plans(no I'm not moving the date or canceling)... it is offensively hot outside currently "but kenny your shop has AC" yes it does, however I've not been using my shop much this summer, and thus have not run the a/c at all to date.. I may be doing it from the pool instead.. that's all I'm sayin'
dopplevision and some welding going on right now (for those younger, there's child rearing going on at one howard facility, and ls shenanigans going on at the other)