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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

I have a better mic and new web cam for this one! but no new computer in the shop yet :/
aight, so I'm gonna kick it off at around 4:30 heebtime, but I won't be participating right away. something about santa and my presence being required for optimal covid super-spreading. I'm innoculating with alcohol currently. I'll try and let yall in as you hit it, but please be patient early, or ping me on facebook and lemme know what's up.
Thanks to the help of attendees last night, I now know that I've been searching in the least fruitful way for 12 years lol.
I just thought I was using the TB search feature wrong... Nope, I should've been using google. Face Palm :oops:
splurged and paid for a zoom account to facilitate meetings, we can flip the link over to that if folks would like