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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

I would have a bit more control over zoom, and could make it open (i.e. I ain't gotta click admit for errrbody). the client is fairly light weight (and there's a browser only version as well, kinda like g-chat).

basically, easier to administrate for me, and maybe a little bit more polished experience for everyone else depending on whats going on
I can do zoom. Unlike meet, it doesn't stay on the loudest person who left the microphone on (and jump around when all are on). I think it also stays on the person who is hosting, while showing others who talk. It's been a minute.
I also like facebook messenger meets. All persons stay visible, and there are stupid filters that get amazingly funny when you get ****ed up.
I'm pumped as always. I also have some trailer building questions for you guys regarding the trailer I am building for Drag Week.
audio is not yet working on my end, so hit the chat if you want to talk to me. I'll work it out after we sort this misterbitchi out on the roller
Yep, zoom was good. I was at aaron?s house (slow240) and john (vb242) was there. Sorry i had to get on the road. Good seeing kenny and swedbrick again.