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2023 SE Brick Boil! March 24-26 2023


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Dec 25, 2002
mont, AL
What's better than an SE meet? an SE meet with mudbugs!

Since someone asked and it occurred to me I haven't posted the infoz yet:

313 Foxchase Drive, Pike Road, 36064
334 467 6062

Dragstrip: hours from 5 pm to 10pm (gates open @ 5, track hot @ 6)
Capital City Motorsports Park
2600 N Belt Drive
Montgomery, AL

Phone: (334) 279-9356
Leaving track at 8pm cst for dinner:
So Gong Dong Tofu & BBQ (소공동)
1633 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36117

so if it's close to 8, save the track money and put it towards dinner, ping someone and see what/where we're at :)

All of the normal SE things apply: shenanigans, dyno time, trash talk etc..
but intermixed with that, one of the greatest things ever in the south, a crawfish boil.
Will need a headcount for that part along with a nominal fee for the insects and fixins (and you know... to know how much to get :-D )

For those at mountain meet, it's like that but without the shrimp unless yall want (shrimp are always available, so..).. probably going to scale back
on the taters, maybe scale up on the mushrooms and corn (almost can't get enough shrooms). This will take the place of the party and such on saturday, and will be more of an all day event while dyno things are going on in the shop (so even less formal than normal, and it's pace-able)

Looks like the 24th is going to be good for test and tune at the track - the schedule has been tossed up and around for the past couple years between covid and yet another owner, but the new guy seems to have the place kickin', so we can get back to the usual schedule:

Convene here Friday 24th throughout the day (or at the track if your ETA is post 5pm.. looks like the price is hella high... $40 to race, $15 to watch, so keep that in mind (not to discourage anyone). I'll try and get out there before hand and see if things have changed regarding participation and inspections for T&T.

Following the track if anyone is still sort of alive or if it's rained out/canceled/etc we can reconvene at the house or a local dining facility to wind the evening down and/or eat dinner. If it's raining call (number will be posted in the thread) or text (even better because I ignore 99% of unknown callers), the track doesn't run when wet and for test and tune they normally just cancel rather than fool with it. If the weather is sus, we'll lounge around the shop, grill some meats, hang out, that sorta thing.

Saturday is dyno day/tinker day/extended party.. that will go into saturday night. depending on the status of the burn pile we may or may not have a bonfire. currently it's not ready for that, but I have some trees to deal with both dead and alive, and brush and other such things, so perhaps.

Sunday is a chill/final fixes/gtfo kinda day. Those with longer drives tend to just vanish into the night on saturdays and leave out from le hotel whenever, those who live closer or have made other arrangements tend to hang out. anyone is welcome to do either.

This is not quite the same environment it was for the SE's of old, its also not quite different either... little more mountain meet little less college if that makes sense, but there are rules, chief of which is at the top:
1) This is not a democracy. Anyone can be tossed for any reason (read: you're being way extra if you get tossed).
2) A continuance of 1--don't anger the guy with a backhoe.
3) Have a contingency plan if you're driving your vehicle down (or better yet, if possible, tow it and the plan takes care of itself unless you're Nick)
4) Understand the budget, and make sure you have a buffer. Ain't nothin worse than running out of money XXhours from home with a broken vehicle
5) There will be help, lifts should be available, that sort of thing. Don't plan to leave everything on the line, but if something unexpected happens, reasonable repairs shouldn't be a big deal.
6) If its a serious question, ask, if it's marginal and you're not me, leave it at home and catch a ride/etc. It's still a lot of fun without a car, and not being stressed out makes it more enjoyable.

Accommodations: Hell, these days any number of things are possible. The closest interstate exit is Mitylene/Mt Meigs. There are a couple of hotels right there: Comfort Inn, La Quinta, Holiday Inn, Sleep Inn
These are also fairly close to the house (~12 minutes give or take depending on traffic and time of day).
March tends to still be fairly wet around here, so the yard is unlikely to be in any kind of useable condition (for parking, camping, etc), and the 'yotes have been kicking up lately as well.

Why this particular weekend instead of a poll? Well.. as it turns out (dammit) when you've got other people that plan things that may or may not require your participation (dammit) you get painted into corners (dammit). I'm being dramatic here obviously, but we've got a lot going on this spring, so most other weekends would be impossible to try and juggle all of the things like child rearing and the festivities, etc.

tenative tb headcount as of 3/11

me (duh)
mark +1 frand
mikep +1 drew
leecatd + frand
dean + frand (I believe at least)
Kyle devries + frand
joseph D (+ frand) allegedly - no hate intended

locals: yes (so far at least 8, but there will likely be more throughout the day, by the time I get done trotting this out I imagine there will be 20+ locals, though all will not be eating the good stuff)

working on a bonfire, no promises.

Tentative weather outlook: rain appears to be all but promised for friday night, however it appears that it won't be an issue until after the track. Will keep a close eye on this, unlike years past, it's quite a bit more expensive to hit the track so.. yeah. Anyway.. what does this ultimately mean?

This means there will be NO PARKING ON THE GRASS!

yes yes I know, crotchety old man here... but the reason isn't that, it's because you will sink and immediately be stuck and further destroy the yard during extraction attempts. I am working to have a good amount of parking around the shop, and depending on the whens and wheres, parking on the street out front is fine (I live towards the end of a road, so no through traffic, and in general not a ton of traffic anyway). there will be a moderate amount of parking available by the house maybe but don't count on that. As the dyno day shens wind down, there will also be parking along the road to the shop, but plan accordingly for when you want to make your escape to your hotel/whatever.

more info as it comes available!
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Same. I'd love to come down and get disappointed with how much HP the turbo LS in the 240 is ACCCKCHUALLLLLY making but we'll be off road tripping then.
I can’t believe no one’s posted in this all day. I’m off, gonna plan on coming down, not sure which car to bring…
I still haven't wrapped my brain around the new format having looked at the old version for 20 years. Stuff doesn't pop out to me the way it used to. Maybe people are having the same problem I am
I still haven't wrapped my brain around the new format having looked at the old version for 20 years. Stuff doesn't pop out to me the way it used to. Maybe people are having the same problem I am
I've noticed the events section doesn't get much engagement in general.

I personally have really been digging the "What's New" button at the top.
Events has historically gotten glossed over, and usually I'm better about making plans further out than this.. sometimes you just gotta run whatcha brung tho.
The new post feature is neat though...
Maybe! It's about time for me to come visit one of these again. What kind of electric Nissan rental car can I get to come dominate at the track???

Going to start looking into travel ideas.
Idk if I can come or what I would even drive but I've started to put the wheels in motion to figure those things out.

Edit: Chances are high on coming and the vehicle of choice is more than likely the 122
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