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240 Coilovers: The Kyote Way

This article might be better with an adjustable height rear setup. Any tips on doing that? Then you can really balance the height and corner weights on the car.
this approach really only works with the 700 series if you get a camber plate style upper mount.

thats not a bad thing though.

That is exactly what I did.

And I love the Camber plates as well.

I have 300#/in springs up front and 275#/in in the rear, IPD 25mm bar up front and no bar on the rear.

I likey very much.
this approach really only works with the 700 series if you get a camber plate style upper mount.

thats not a bad thing though.

Why is that? The upper spring seat not fitting with the new spring well?

For diy coilovers for s30 Zcars, [which i have done on mine 240z, but used camber plates.] people weld in a 2.5" ring into the top hat, to center the spring. think that would work? i haven't looked in there to extensively yet.
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it really depends on the insert used and it's travel (as well as picking the correct spring length)

for super low, a shorter insert allows you to get more travel without worring about bottoming out the insert...for my car, I am using Koni inserts which are 3" shorter, so I cut my struts 3"...this is not really needed for most applications and is slightly overkill for me as well :roll:



Where did you pick up those Koni's?
Is there any updates on the 240 coilovers of any more pictures also as been said before does any one know where you can get the adjustable tops for the rear springs?
Thankyou pete
i just did mines using 5" coilover kit. i have to cut the springs (got the 10") and theres no real adj. compared to the lowering springs i had(dont know the name) but am going to cut them atleast 1.5" to get some adj. ill take pics of it tomorrow when i get a chance whole process took about 3hrs to do from start to finsh. i just cut the spring perch but will cut the springs tomorrow afternoon.
for standard diameter rear springs just take the short coilover conversion tubes...4" long as an example.
unbolt the standard rear upper spring perch from the chassis.
where the bolt normally goes through you cut a nice big round hole so the coilover tube just fits through it.
(simple: if you use a kit for 2.5" springs you make the hole 2.5")
take the coilover conversion tube and weld a plate on top of it.
drill a hole in the middle of the plate for the mounting bolt and bolt the coilover conversion tube to the location where the springperch was.
thread the locking ring and coilover spring perch onto the tube.
slide the stock spring perch over the tube and put the spring in.

done...thats how it did it on my car. it took about an hour and cost me 26 GBP for the coilover conversion kit
any pics at all?

also, did you do the front. if so, where did you buy the bits?

aint got pics atm.

bought the stuff from compbrake. http://www.compbrake.co.uk

its under suspension hardware, spring conversion kits.

i used 2.5" kit for the front and 2.25" kit for the rear.

its a good company for affordable suspension/brake stuff. havent seen anyone cheaper and they usually ship fast.