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240 fuel level sender sweep resistance


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Dec 7, 2006
Knoxville TN
Im trying to figure out the sweep resistance of a 240 fuel level sender. Not much luck on searching and found a couple different postings on the web that don't match up. Bentley manual is kinda vague and the chilton doesn't list anything about the sender as far as I can find. Trying to match it up to an aftermarket guage. Worse comes to worse ill pull it and do a bench test if no one knows. Thanks guys

Nominally 300 ohms.
Thanks man. Looks like the closest vdo vision to match the rest of my gauges is 240-33. I guess that would work it would just never show empty? Bentley says 250-350ohms when empty.

Edit: now that I think about it a guage rated at 240-33 with a sender rated at 285-30 the guage would get to empty sooner so that would probably be ok
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the GREENBOOKS have SCANT info (at least the ones I have)

http://www.k-jet.org/files/greenbooks/TP11402-2_electrical_system.pdf see page * 57 thru 60 * group 38 instruments

http://www.volvowiringdiagrams.com/volvo/LH 2.4/LH2.4 Manual Complete.pdf coolant temp sensor chart pg * 4 *

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Excellent info there sir! Thank you.
I went ahead and pulled the sender to sweep it. Came out 28-285 ohms just FYI for future people searching for this