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240 grill and headlights identification


New member
May 9, 2023
Hello from a newcomer. I recently bought an euro 1992 240 GL with factory b230e/M47.

After I finish the mechanical works needed on engine and drivetrain I plan some minor cosmetics upgrades.

One of the most beatiful 240s that I've seen is this black turbo below with nice headlights, grill and bumper that I can't seem to identify and would like your help:


Compared to this, mine looks like a granny's go to grocery car:

Are these two grill/headlight/hood/bumper combo incompatible or can I somehow make mine look like the black one that I like?
Hello and welcome! From what I see the only difference is the lower bumper spoiler. The black car has what looks to be either an early (pre-facelift) 850 spoiler or something else entirely.

In regards to grill/headlight/hood its the same, only difference is color of grill, the inner part of the headlights and clear corner lenses