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242 GT register

Geeze, that last one (...755) looks like it's been sitting at the bottom of a lake since 1995.
Nope, I made a mistake. :)
Way to cold-spoon me!


So, I will post a pic over the week, but I’ve got a 1979 242GT in Perth, Australia.

Pretty sure it is 2428 M1 155558.

I also know of another 3 that another guy has here in Perth. If you want to have a look at his progress, follow Loud Projects on Instagram. His is a full ground up rebuild for a daily driver and advertising piece for his business.

Mine is getting the 16v, twin 45 DCOE Weber’s. Another ground up rebuild (just a little too much rust in horrible places), but will be built to do historic “Around the Houses” racing here in Western Australia. You can follow my build on Instagram (Flying Brick Performance) and if you Google Albany ‘Round the Houses, you’ll find a link to the racing.

I’ll see if I can get his VIN numbers and maybe some pics as well.
We saved this one from its forest grave near the Chesapeake bay for $400. Its currently on its way to Poland for a full restoration by its new owner. M46 car, was able to get a extra set of seats and a bunch of other goodies from a local guy to send with it.



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What's the current selling price for a '79 242GT in North America? I've had a guy knock on my door and ask to buy my GT, but I don't even know where to start the conversation. I am the second owner and have all records dating back to the original bill of sale. Running, driving, insured, a few rust spots in the rocker panel that need a patch less than 12" long.

Any ideas?


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Very nice! Hopefully someone will get use out of them! I'm set for wheels with 5 or of the original 14" GT wheels, some 14" British racing wheels in 242 spec, the gold 15" wheels in the pic and a set of 16" Gemini's (only two center caps though).
That's a fine looking GT. I would think a nice GT is getting upwards of a 8-10k$ car nowadays. They are very rare now that the rust bug has eaten so many of them.