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242 GT register

sorry havent had a chance to update my post, car is registered as a 242gt will post pics soon 👍
I got some film developed from a toy camera that I've been using. This was in inner south east, Portland, around 2020. I couldn't get the vin to this '78, but I did leave a note and heard nothing back, there is a license plate though. Maybe someone knows where it ended up, it had a R sport cluster.
000258310019 copy.jpg000258310018 copy.jpg000258310020 copy.jpg
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Found this the other day and posted in showroom for someone to go snatch up some parts.
Canada down another GT: https://kennyupull.com/part/volvo-240-1982/

Vin: 24245L3126002


Deezgilliams East TN now the new owner of #25. Jack/Darksider415: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245a1168028 - Oroville, Ca, USA. 😃


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