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242 GT register

Yup, looks like it was brought in yesterday.

1978 VOLVO 242
Section: European
Row: 10
Color: Silver
Available On: 5/19/2016



There's nothing left. Swaybar and springs are in the scrap metal pile. Window glass is green factory tint.3 wheels, one or two on the ground.
My 1980 242 GT
Lowered on B&G springs
American Racing Outlaw wheels 15 by 7 with 195 60 tires stretched

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I used vinyl wall base, it rubs in speed bumps I guess I need to tighten it up! I am in Humboldt, Northern CA...
list updated in OP. I know there are more in Australia. come in Bruces....


Strictly speaking, the RHD Australian-built Group A racecar (now owned by Mark Petch) could be considered a lost 242GT. This is its VIN plate.


As people generally know, the Australian Volvo team first built it as a Group A car in July 1986, using a 242GT which Mark had acquired as a spare shell. When Mark was assured by VMS that the 242GT body shells were identical to the homologated Group A cars, he sold the car to Sheppard / Volvo Dealer Team and the team went ahead with the build. In November 1986, Volvo left Group A in Australia and recalled the cars to Sweden.

Many years later the car was acquired by Thor Rustod in Sweden, who restored and rebuilt it better than new, and then Mark Petch bought it and brought it back to NZ. The car is now racing in historic Group A events in NZ.

JFTR, Mark is making new copies of the genuine VMS Group A axle half-shafts for race cars, which were homologated to allow a little bit of camber and toe. The originals aren't available from Volvo any more, but you'd only need them if you're keeping a race car period legal. They're not cheap, but nothing in Group A ever was.
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I ended up with a parts GT back in 2004. Made its way to the crusher and the paperwork joined its death.
Does any one know the decode to the serial numbers?

If by serial numbers you mean VINs, it varies - decoding the VIN on 240s depends if the car was destined for the US / Canada market, or Europe / rest of the world market. It also depends on the year model; Mother Volvo changed the scheme a number of times, which make it more challenging.

As for the serial numbers themselves, well - once upon a time, things like 1800s had a chassis number and also another entirely different body number...
There's a 242 for parts on trademe right now, not sure if GT, but it has stripy seats and the interior is available because racecar. (though not yet) cough RichGT cough.