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242 GT register



Hey, I just realized that I belong in here now! I'm in Canada. I bought it and put it into storage on a farm just before the snow hit so I don't have a VIN to add. Bought it off the original owner who used it as his family car, while racing a heavily modded 142. Included were some cool old accessory manuals, and he even threw in his Volvo windbreaker/racing jacket. She's definitely in need of some love after being barely driven for the past 10+ years, but fully operational roadworthy. Just over 200k km, and the original wheels were included too. Anyone know anything about the aftermarket wheels? They were marked Great Britian.
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I changed the link in my post above to a Google folder. Hopefully that works. This post's embedded photo works on my end. Can anyone else see it?
Can anyone ID the wheels? Stamped "Great Britain" and I think they had a 3 letter brand. 14"x6".

Out of approx 22,000 242s, how many were GTs?

Numbers by country would be cool...

Canada: TB count - 6 (estimated 200 in black)
US: TB count - 20
UK: none
Australia: TB count - 6 (338 registered in Aus - according to Volvo club of Victoria)
NZ: TB count - 5 (8 in total)

Who cares? Well they are climbing in value over here, especially coz we got B23 with H cam and there are'nt many left. No other 242s ever made it here.

Anyway, thought this may be of interest to others with a GT. Post your chassis number, country and pics here and I will update the list.


1. RichGT: 1980 Chassis# 2428A1185739 - New Zealand
2. Two245Turbos: 1978 Chassis# - Puyallup ,WA USA
3. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1178784 - NZ
4. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1185793 - NZ
5. (non member): 1980 Chassis# 2428A1184120 - NZ
6. Somerfield: 1980 Chassis# 2428a1183860 - Perth, Western Australia
7. Matthew P Dionne: 1978 - USA
8. GT Jordan: 1979 Chassis#? - Edmonton, Ab, Canada
9. GT Jordan: 1980 Chassis#? - Edmonton, Ab, Canada
10. Tuff240: Chassis# VC24245M1143229 - Central California USA
11. BRAD_242GT: 1979 Chassis#? : 2428m1152066(?) - Adelaide, South Australia
12. goldbrixx: 1980 Chassis# VC24245A1178516 - East Coast, USA
13. 77volvo245: 1979 Chassis#? - Oregon, USA
14. RP80242GT+T: 1980 Chassis#? - Cape Coral, Florida, USA
15. alreadyupsidedown: 1980 Chassis#? - Oakville, Ont, Canada
16. (non member, sold by serk): Chassis/VIN - 2428A1184941 - Brisbane, Australia
17. cris: 1978 Chassis/VIN - VC242245L1126125 - Colorado, USA
18. Joeaksa: 1978 Chassis/VIN# VC 242 45L 112 9201 - Phoeniz, Az, USA
19. gcrv: 1980 Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1181333 - Maidens, VA, USA
20. gcrv: 1978 Chassis/VIN# VC24245L1137648 - Maidens, VA, USA
21. Bready: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1169281 - USA
22. Sea_bass: 1980: Chassis/VIN#? - Virginia Beach, USA
23. justlie: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245A1178573 - Chicago, IL, USA
24. smashed 54: (year?): VC24245A3182471 - Port Royal, NS, Canada
25. Jack/Darksider415: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245a1168028 - Oroville, Ca, USA
26: Prime 240: 1980: Chassis: VC24245A3184640 - Canada
27: Miah: 1979: Chassis:
28: Tex: 1980: Chassis: VC24245A1186875
29: Runt262: 1980; Chassis: VIN: 24241A3186360 - Canada
30: bgpzfm142: 1979; Chassis: VIN: 2428M1161223 - Australia
31: tbro: VIN: 2428A1185126 - Australia
32: Peterwgpa: VIN: 2428M1159483 - Australia (the original Bathurst 242GT)
33: BigBossMan813: 1980: Chassis: VIN# VC24245A3168386 - Tampa Fla., USA
34: (non-member): 1980: VIN: 2428A1186120 - ChCh, NZ (Grp A front end conversion)
35: 242GT4me: 1978: Chassis: 133728 - MN, USA
36: benson0021: 1978: Chassis: VC24245M1155429 - Cal, USA
37: volvo GT: 1979: Chassis: VC 24245 M 1 157857 - (location?)


VB242: ?
Billy780: 1978: VC24245L1137675
Oh, location is Oakland A's, Raiders, Warriors, California..smile
Hey I'm part of the club now; I just bought myself a GT two weekends ago it's a 1978 came from Oregon and is now staying in SoCal. Chassis code: vc 24245 L 1 136568
This is my 1979 242GT with 161k km, located in Switzerland. VIN: 2428M1153309
<a href="https://imgur.com/XIRAMvD"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/XIRAMvD.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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imgur allows you to resize the pic by adding a 's', 'm' or 'l' before the '.jpg' in the address.

This is s.


This is m.


This is l.