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3D Printed Parts Thread

Things like this should be very nice to print, it's for a Volvo 940, I fabricated this by hand but am thinking of measuring it and let it draw in 3D by a friend. Opportunity knocks with 3D printing, exciting though.

You can see the procedure of the making in my thread on page one if interested.



If you search, you can find the file for the sun visor clips, I have the file saved on a pc at school otherwise I'd link to it.
I printed Blippy's cup holder and it changed my life.

Turned out great, the only issue is that the thin bottom "fingers" got a little warped due to the summer heat I think and it does not grip the dash as tightly as it once did, but it still works fine. I may try reprinting it in a more heat-resistant filament at some point. This was my first 3D printing project so I didn't really know what I was doing.
How about gauge inserts for 740/940 HVAC vents? I'd shell out cash right now for a drop in one.

How about gauge inserts for the HVAC controls spot? It will not be drop in :oogle:
But yeah, what you're asking for is easy, I should have a new printer here come Jan. that will print that large. Until then I'll design something anyway.
Not much to it really, just a little 1/8" aluminum.

I'm thinking about drawing one up right now. For what size of gauge? 52mm?

EDIT: I'm drawing the 3D model now, I'm assuming you mean for the lefthand vent on the drivers side. It looks like that slot is more suited for a 38.1mm gauge, if that's acceptable, there doesnt seem to be a reasonable way to fit a 52, and still have it "drop in".

EDIT: I found a way and it looks pretty damn good.
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Yep 52mm or 2 & 1/16" pick your flavor.

If you managed to fit a 52mm with your metal plate god bless you, but I cant for the life of me fit a 52mm gauge and keep it "drop in" like using the factory metal clips which is what I'm doing, I'm making a 38.1mm one right now and but I'll definitely see what I can do about 52's, I have a drop in solution in mind but I'm going to print off a 38.1mm as a prototype to test fitment, I'm printing two so somebody may get lucky if I'm feeling generous. :oogle:
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They're not a finished product but in 8 hours we'll see what I end up with :). I'm going to recommend not using the factory metal friction clips because I nearly broke my original vent trying to get it out for comparison, albeit it was dark. I'm thinking 3m normal double sided tape (if it doesn't friction-fit lightly which would be Ideal), NOT the super strength stuff.
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When I open the driver door from the inside of my 240, what's the plastic piece called that sits behind the handle? Mine is cracked on the drivers side, and the one on the passenger side was so broken I just removed it. I think this piece could be made on one of those machines.
Post a picture if you can. :) it depends on how big the part is generally. Nearly all of us have 240s so I'm sure I could find this peice.