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3D Printed Parts Thread

So I'm doing stuff.

Those 4 at the top don't fit. Finally got one that does fit, but I need to tweak it one more time for a better fit for both sockets. They are keyed slightly differently, but I'm making the plate where it fits both.


First fitted part!

Will fit the 1156 and 1157 sockets I bought from superbrightleds.com. It's where I got the lamps too and they are great!
For taillights or what? Looks super interesting.
For taillights or what? Looks super interesting.

Yep. The idea is to have a way to use new 1157/1156 sockets on your old tail light housings. This lets you run all the nice big modern LED bulbs.

I ordered some high temp PLA+ last night. As soon as that comes in I'll make a full set and glue them on to my tail lights and we'll see how well it works out. There is plenty of room for the bulbs and they are nice and bright!

The other bonus is that this lets you convert as many red lenses as you want to be running and brake lights. Even the fog lens can be used as a run/brake.
it can handle the temp and the oil, not sure how it will effect the shifting... if I use the rigid PETG bushing.

I have TPU, but was feeling to lazy to change it out.

mucked up on my model anyways... tweaked it this morning again.

re printed... seems good when measured to the manky old rubber
real test when i pull the shifter frame and test fit later this afternoon.

How are these performing? If you're still using them that is. My shifter is pretty floppy and I think these bushings may be a culprit since I recently swapped to a short shifter and the fork bushings are tight. And if you are using them, would you recommend using PETG or TPU? I have both laying around waiting to be used for something..
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Seems to be performing great... poked under the car a month or so ago and did not see any deterioration.

my 3rd and 5th gear whine are a different story though.

yes it did...
I changed to the brass cups and new shift pin and collar at the same time.

I think the printed bushing did more.

I used PETG and am happy...

I printed the swaybar bushings in TPU and they seem to be holding up from a quick glance.

Sounds great, I'll try to print a set (8 in total?) and install them whenever I can. My short shifter with brass bushings feels good but these could probably tighten it all up even more.

Modeled this guy up from some 3D scan data. Double checking fit and finish before uploading. This is revision 2, I printed and tested R1, and it fit, but was modeled after the sunroof version of this panel so it didn't quite "fit" correctly. Gonna test the radius curve on the back, as well as the tabs.

The Carbon printers at my work can print in resins designed for automotive use, so I'll be using that special resin for this print. If using an FDM machine, whatever works with interior heat and stresses would be fine, though it's a thin part, so supports are needed depending on how you orient the part.

IDK why the printer's texture tool can't just keep the leather texture consistent like it is on the left side of the panel. It keeps putting that weird swirly texture on the right side... I'll try using a bumpmap tool in NX and see if I can get a better pattern out of it.

Anyways, I'll keep plugging away at this until one fits. It takes a LOT of time for me to push something like this through all the revenue generating work I do at work.
Made this awhile back, trw/cam rack with plastic preload plug to 3/8 adapter.

I never noticed this was a thread. I made the front panel on the triple 52 mm gauges. And a tool for getting valve spring keepers out. They should both be on thingiverse.