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7/9 Series Airbox Mod (deck plate mod)


unbalanced chemical
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Jun 26, 2002
Apache Junction, AZ
Ok so this one is a copy of something that I found on the toyota forums working on my brother-in-laws truck.

Not a lot to say about this Mod as the pictures pretty much speak the story.

You take a 4" deckplate that from a boat and install it onto your air box. The idea behind this is allowing more air flow into the air box with the bonus of being able to block off the hole if you had to worry about unwanted things getting into that hole. In the toyota truck world this works if say you were to drive through water you could seal up the hole. For our cars who knows.

Key to the effort is to mark the hole, cutout the box, mark where to drill the holes and then assemble. I used some fancy RTV to help seal it and that was about it. You can use shorter bolts or just cut them short like I did.

One of the benefits I have seen from this is that my BOV is louder (HKS SSQV mounted in the stock CBV location) and my AFR's got a bit richer on the big end. The engine is really not a lot louder intake wise as the stock air box and turbo do a good job of keeping it quiet. It has been 100+ deg here still so hard to tell how much of a gain there was but on paper more airflow into the airbox is not always a bad thing. In the AM's when the temps are 80deg out the car does seem to pull a bit smoother up top, Plus with the location of this you could always remove say the turn signal when racing to help a little more cool air into the engine. Ok so enough of my rambling here are pictures. At the same time I added a MSD 6a box to the car and copied what Gary did mounting it into the air fox (thanks for the help).











On the plus side it is very hidden so some emissions tech's might not notice it.



Overall engine bay (yes I know dirty get over it)


Mods if you feel that this doesn't fit here please feel free to move it back to Performance.

Thank you
When the forum is slow, I explore article composition/the vault. I've been wanting to modify my factory air box to fit with my intercooler and piping. This is the inspiration I needed to start hacking it up. Cool mod.