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740 heat sub-par


Aug 2, 2004
Salem MA

my 740's heat is not as hot as it should be.

i have not dug into this at all really... i will probably start diagnosing tomorow.

has anyone else had this problem and what were your solutions?
I've seen several where the hoses on the bulkhead were swapped over. The heater doesn't function properly with reversed water flow.
I found some stuff in vadis about vacuuming out the aircase by taking off the power resistors and i found some stuff about adjusting the cable tension on the hot-cold flap.

has anyone done these procedures?

i can see my cable being loose and i can see the aircase being full of **** like pine needless and dead animals.
in the end the cable for the temperature flap needed a bit of adjustment.

a job where no new parts are required is always nice.