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740t goes autoXing


Active member
Sep 24, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA
I haven't made a post about my car since I was asking a lot of questions about my engine swap 2 years ago
Here it is late this summer on a drive with my friend. (who since bought a 242t)

Last week I put on new front rotors and pads. I also got my hyrdas shod in fresh BFG gsports. I took it to the truck scales where it weighed in at 2860lbs

I just uploaded the pictures from my first autocross of the season on sunday

Heres one that some random guy posted on the internet that he took, with a sweet camera

I've been running the car in ESP and being pretty uncompetitive. It's just really fun to get out there and drive my car.
I can't wait to put a solid suspension setup under this car and close the gap between the Mustangs and I.
OMFG I give this thread a 10. Too bad it has that ugly Honda. :-D Your car is looking amazing my friend.

PS, I love my 242's... and for the kill shot RWD>FWD.
esp? yikes!

run it in GS till someone bitches, then paint your sways black and call them stock :badboy:
FSP. That cone filter will be so obvious. ;-)

A GLE with a B230FT is actually a street modified car. But I doubt anyone would care what class you run.
It was in other countries right? But that probably doesn't matter.
It doesn't.

Actually, you could do the FT swap legally as long as it was the whole engine unit (block, head, cam, turbo). Since the n/a and Turbo 700 models are in the same class(es), you can do the swap and pick the best FT engine and put it in the lightest or best 700 series. So nevermind Street Mod...it's not an instant bump to SM for an FT swap in a 700 series.