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760 5 cylinder...scratching a 10 year itch

940 16 valve

Oct 22, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
Specs list: (Updated 2023)

2006 B5254T2 - stock
Mitsu 16T turbo
Motronic 4.4 modified to run COP (Thanks to VAST tuning for that!)
BMW 6 speed (GS6-37DZ)
BMW LSD 2.93 ratio with homebrew subframe in the works
Ebay intercooler (It says JDM on top for extra points)
Koni's all around, Eibachs 250lb front springs with short struts, 11" 275lb coils in back.

Some history is in my old thread... http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=243308

I've had a lot of fun, and learned a lot turbocharging my beloved 940. I've lurked a long time on the site and learned a lot here. 3 years ago I moved back home after finishing school, started a practice, bought a house. Now I have a space to work on my projects!
This is probably the best pic I have of the space. After me and a buddy picked up a tire machine.

I purchased a 89' 760 with the intention of taking the doors which were in better shape for my 940. Then I started dreaming about swapping the IRS, but I also really like the updated dash of the 760, the long hood. The more I thought about it the 760 was in better shape too.
As much as I love my 940, with the turbo and the T5 transmission it's a blast to drive, but it's just not refined. About 15 years ago I convinced my brother to buy a 98' S70T5SE, and I just fell in love with the whiteblock. For a long time I would lurk on threads with RWD swaps. I'm finally at a spot where I have the space, and enough skills and tools to take on the more ambitious projects I've been itching to do.

I followed closely threads like Narancs, and yellow t5R, thefullbanana, Canuck, and Lloyddobler in their respective builds..
As well as finding myself reading ever more swedish content through google translate...

I started getting serious about it last winter, and I picked up what I thought was a low mile 2006 B5254T from a crashed XC70. The oil change sticker read about 140xxxkm, but I realized after pulling it and looking back that the car had been imported from the usa. So not the low mileage I was going for, but probably fine for me to get started. The motor sat for the better part of year while I got distracted by other things.

Starting a few months ago I got more serious about collecting parts.
Rather than shorten a pan (which Canuck very graciously offered to help me shorten) I ended up buying Lloyddobler's second one. Lucky for me he had welded up 2 of them! So the original sits on bottom, with the welded one on top for comparison.

Got the engine on a stand.

Flipped it, pulled the pan, and test fitted the oil pickup and engine mounts. At this point it had been nearly a year since a 960 had showed up at the yard, and 2manyturbos came through and hooked me up with some mounts so I could get to fitting.
(My grandpa's antique tool collection the he gifted me in the background)

Pickup too long!

Used metal plated to allow for all 4 bolts to fit

Mildly clogged pcv

Cleaning pan of metal shavings from when it was resurfaced. Doesn't seem to leak!

Not all holes were present on this block. I was missing one for bolting in the middle of the pan, and one that holds a support for the oil pickup tube. Had to drill them, and then tap to M7x1 (apparently a very hard tap size to find indeed!) Had to get it off ebay.
Also had to track down a few oil pan bolts that the 960 pan used, which were not present on the s60 pan which I had bolts from. There is a single bolt that is M7 by I think it was 80mm, where the 4 at the back are 100mm and just won't quite work.
Keeping shaving out of the engine

Ready to be tapped

Tack welded oil pickup


Nearly there

And soldering some resistors per Aaron's helpful instructions from vast
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Whiteblock swaps is the flavor of the year I think! :-P

Are you planning on keeping this engine pretty much stock?

Have fun!
Definitely! I've been watching your and Roger's threads regarding the CD009 transmission adapter, very tempting!
The plan is start out stock and work the bugs out, who knows from there, it's an addiction right?
Yes! I've had the itch for over 5 years.
Are you going to wire in the stock ecu and engine loom?
I'll also be watching this with interest.... got a B5244T5 on the engine dolly waiting for my 242.

What gearbox behind yours? Staying auto for now?
I'll also be watching this with interest.... got a B5244T5 on the engine dolly waiting for my 242.

What gearbox behind yours? Staying auto for now?

The only auto tranny he could "easily" use is the AW30. I don't know why would anyone use that piece of crap on a swap.
I'm very curious to watch this. I keep having a real debate about running modded m4.4 or going standalone. The 4.4 is so appealing in regards that so much of the tuning has been paid for by Volvo and not me. I can just focus on tweaking vs starting from the ground up.

The flip side ofcourse being you don't have as much extra potential but for what I want, I'm not sure that's really needed.
Went to the junkyard last weekend and this weekend to get some parts that were needed to progress this any further. First 960 I've seen in about a year, and thankfully only had 80,000 miles.

I had the same debate between 4.4 and standalone Doug... I decided this seems like the way to go, at the very least to get started, but really people are putting down some impressive numbers with the motronic.

4.4 harness, in process of cutting out un-needed wiring.

I convinced myself that grabbing a few extra pieces off the low mileage car while in there made sense.

as well as a few things I actually needed, like starter/alternator/power steering. I toyed with the idea of using the updated accessories, but seeing these are lower mileage, and it was half off day, I went for it. Also grabbed a bellhousing in case I decide to do the CD009 swap that roger is working on.

Also got this off ebay, since the newer style keys seem to be a problem.

Also got the tabs at the top of this image, which hold the engine mounts in.

And then with those in got the engine prepped for install. Last look at the mounts with plates to adapt them.


4.4 cam sensor in

aaaand, engine going in

Not sure about the twin VVT at this point, thinking I'll chat with Vast tuning about it when I get there. Probably just leave it alone to start.

got the accessories installed

And now just toiling over the transmission options... Cd009, or a GS6-37 shipped from sweden, and welded to the volvo bellhousing. Similar gear ratios, advantage that the gs6 can use a volvo driveshaft. Seems like the Cd009 is quite a refinied tranny in it's final version with triple synchros on the first 3 gears...

One of the next things is decoding the wiring. Anyone have suggestions as to where I can find wiring diagrams for a s70turbo with motronic 4.4, as well as for the 760 with prv engine. My least favourite part....the wiring...
Looks like good progress being made. Just remember the absolute rule of HotRodding, as explained by Freiburger:

"It will cost twice as much, take three times as long as you expect".

Considered the DeeWorks T5 adapter? I think you can buy a brand new T5 with Z spec gearing (2.95 first close ratio) for $1200 USD.
T5z is at 1995 now. Almost not worth it with the TKO being $2600ish. I myself am hunting down a good used 96-04 V6 T5 from a Mustang. Supposed to have all the factory upgrades in it already.
I hate it when I follow a thread with interest, and then no update for month and months.
Where does the time go...? Seem to have less car time since my daughter was born.
But some progress

Exhaust side coming along, welded up the piping to the water pump

Welded the oil feed to fit with the turbo flipped for RWD

Not a ton of room for the exhaust with the 5 cyl manifold...

Most of the wiring is in place for motronic 4.4, just need to figure out the power to the 760 fuel pump relay, and run wiring for the COP. Any suggestions on those folks? Ok to ground them to the head?

relocated the battery to the drivers side, and ran wires for alternator/starter

And found some Ferrari Compomotives that I've been looking for for years. They were advertised as 16", but are definitely 15" unfortunately. They just fit.

I like the look in profile

Testing ride height

Clearance to bump stop

Nasty suspension angles. Have to find the compromise between form and function.

And finally, decided that a CD009 isn't in the budget right now, especially since I already have a driveshaft and shifter setup for a T5 transmission in the 940, which will likely get retired once this runs. This is a spare V6 T5 that I plan to use for mockup. I'm considering if a dual mass flywheel will quiet it down, and I think with my power goals I don't need anything more. The T5 is pretty civilized in the 940 now that I have my driveline angles sorted, but at high revs on decel it still rattles. I hate to go to all the trouble of getting the beautiful sound of a 5 cylinder, and then drown it out with the rattle of a T5 transmission.
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Any motronic 4.4 gurus out there? Was working on wiring the fuel pump relay today and am confused about the purpose of wires B19 and B27.

Sounds to me like B27 should trigger the relay, but then what is B19's purpose. The stock 4.4 fuel pump relay is just a simple 4 prong relay.
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Check with Lankuu in Finland..... he has apparently mastered these whiteblocks & engine management of same.