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900 series--which heater control valve to buy?


Jun 27, 2022
Annapolis MD
Had a heater hose burst on me today and puke a gallon of coolant out. Was able to bypass the heater core in a Dunkin' donuts parking lot.

I have replacement hoses but it seems like a good time to potentially replace the heater control valve. I have no idea how old this one is on the car and everyone seems concerned about them exploding.

What is the collective opinion on which valve to use? I see lots of threads saying to buy the Volvo part for a hundred bucks or so, but many alternatives discussed as well. What's the best way to go?

I.e. Astro van heater control
For the long time reliability I'd go with Astro. Have one in my 940.
Short term- remove the valve and install a piece of pipe in it's place. Or bypass the heater core all together.
I?ve been using the Motorcraft YG136 for nearly 20 years now. It?s excellent and haven?t had one fail since. Any new to me 7/9 car gets that changed immediately before anything else