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740 91 740 Fuel Return. What am I missing?


Fanking Champion 1993
Jan 8, 2015
College Station, TX
The return line at the back of the car. How do connect this:

To this:

The factory hard pipe is about 1/2" OD, but the barbed fitting on the fuel pump is 1/4". It's a banjo fitting though. Is there some Volvo part I'm missing here? The previous owner had a kluddge of brass fittings to adapt it down to 1/4", but the old 1/2" fuel hose basically just fell apart. It's probably old hose not rated for gasahol. I temporarily fixed it with some heater hose, but I'd like to do this properly. Unfortunately I haven't found the part online yet. Doesn't help that I don't even know what I'm looking for.

Does the hard pipe accept a clip-on type fuel fitting?
The best thing I can think of right now is to take the banjo bolt out and replace it with a 1/2"npt to 1/2" barb fitting. Then I could just use 1/2" fuel hose all the way.

Just sucks that I can't get any of these things in town.
Just buy the banjo union in the right size for the hose that fits the other end.
But to be honest, I never saw the banjo fittings there. Maybe some 91MY speciality.
Yeah I guess that's the solution to my particular problem.

The weird thing is that I can't find the part that's supposed to go there on any parts site. I don't have VIDA anymore and can't look it up. And also this fuel pump dosn't look like what I see on the internet either. It works though, as does the level sender.

I was told that this car ran over a bear about 100k miles ago and that some stuff underneath was fixed/replaced. When we bought it (a year ago) the main pump was whining. I figured out that the tank pump simply didn't have power. fixed the break in the cable and all has been well until this leaking started.