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92 240 EGR 2.4 wiring harness


Feb 27, 2005
Is an engine wiring harness from a 1992 240 auto. with EGR worth pulling from a local yard? Anything about that make it not usable for a plus turbo?
Yes if it's lh2.4 grab it, make sure you cut the other side of the harness plug that goes to the dash, maybe get the dash harness also instead or at least that plug part of it.
I think they all have the plug and are wired for EGR. Just leave it unplugged like they do if the car doesn't have EGR. Even EGR cars will run fine if you just unplug the EGR valve. To get rid of the EGR light on the dash, just use non EGR EZK box or chip.