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92+ Oil Cooler Conversion Question


Nov 18, 2007
Irvine, CA
Converting over to a 92+ 740/940 Oil cooler Setup... and I'm wondering if I'm missing any parts. My question

Will the hard coolant line from the 940/740 thread into where my coolant line currently resides... or do I need some adapter that allows the hard coolant pipe to thread into the block?


Trying to get everything together before starting...
Just as your pictures show. The tubing nut on the line for the 92+ cooler threads into the block in place of the drain pet cock that is in the earlier blocks. You also need water pump to heater core tube from the later system because it has a T in it to complete the circuit to the cooler. You can see that in the top and bottom picture.
When I did mine, I welded a new tube to the old heater core line.