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93 240 can't put gas in


Feb 27, 2005
My friend has a 93 240 sedan, & he can't put gas in in the tank from the pump. The pump handle just keeps shutting off. If he pours gas in the filler neck from his lawnmower gas can, it will go in. Problem with venting in the cars filler neck?
It happens on these cars. There may not be a problem.

If he wants to check the evap system, go for it.
Filling with gas

I just made two road trips between Boise and San Diego. The pumps in Idaho and Nevada frequently did this to me. I usually have to hold the nozzle and keep the lever depressed manually while I fill it. In California where I presume pump nozzles are required to have an accordion seal of some kind I can use the gas pump like anyone else.

I drive an 83 245.

I did once experience a clogged filler neck vent line in my old 940. It had to be filled very slowly or else it would spray fuel all over the place. The cause was found to be that a wasp had made its nest in the filler neck while I had the tank out of the car.
Maybe the roll over valve is closed?

I have also experienced what the post above refers to. Some pump types the car doesn't like it on highest pump speed. The pumps are variable and you just put it on a lower setting. Most of the time the pump handles with the accordian cover to remove the fumes work better as noted.
On my 93 245 I had to turn the nozzle a very specific way so it didn't shut off during filling. It happened on most nozzles, but some were worse than others.
Just go to New Jersey. They fill the gas for you. You can't pump your own gas.:roll:

Just go to New Jersey. They fill the gas for you. You can't pump your own gas.:roll:

Question: Does a green gas cap on a 240 signify Diesel?

Last pass through NJ I'd forgotten the pump rule and heard the gas door being opened before I even came to a stop. Young lady had the cap off and her hand on the Diesel pump's nozzle.


Now, if she had heard me start up this '89 cold, the piston slap might have convinced her it should have had Diesel fuel. I'm just not absolutely certain I didn't find this green cap in a PnP long ago.
A green cap indicates unleaded fuel according to this page from the parts catalog. Diesels should have a red cap.

Yes, in NJ they think of diesel as the green cap. I use a green cap on my 93 wagon and more than once the attendant has asked if I knew I had the diesel cap. lol. Red cap to them is gas. Bass ackwards.

The misconception is caused by the fuel company marking the diesel pumps as the green pump.