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240 93 tachometer 240 volvo issue


Nov 15, 2017
I dont like the late model rough looking gauges so like my other 240, I bought an early model and swapped the guts, indicator film, and faces. I bought it on eBay and it came with a tachometer and the seller said it was no good. Well I looked it over and didn't notice anything burned or damaged so I installed it and everything worked. Well I drove it off and on for a few weeks and it stopped working. Any ideas? I plan on pulling it and reflowing the solder joints and maybe replacing the caps if there are any. It either works fully or does nothing. Any of you ever experienced this?
... It either works fully or does nothing. Any of you ever experienced this?

Many times, with many things. The pretty one looks good but doesn't always work. Lot of things in life are just like that. But a tach? Not yet, but no reason it wouldn't be like just everything else. Reflow the solder.
Another place to check for the tach is the contacts for the circuit board. The tach gets power and ground from pins on the main cluster board. Check that those contacts are clean and not pushed open on the tach. Make sure the pins are clean and not loose on the main speedo board.