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'95 940 Parasitic Draw


New member
Aug 10, 2021
Charlotte, NC
Hey everyone, I've been having an issue with the battery draining on my 940. I got to pulling fuses and tracked the issue down to fuse 14. I suspect the culprit is the ambient temp sensor which broke off my car a while back. However, after pulling fuse 14 the draw only dropped from 350 milliamps to 100 milliamps. I pulled the rest of the fuses to see if I could get the draw to 0 but to no avail. Is 100 milliamps a typical amount of draw on these cars?
Realistically you want a little lower, but what is your testing procedure? Do you have the door switches clamped and let everything turn all the way off? Not sure how many modules a late 940 has but it's worth making sure everything is off.
Not sure about a 940, but my 240 had an issue with the light in the glove box not turning off - broken plastic on the glove box door prevented the light switch from being fully depressed when closed.
tracked the issue down to fuse 14

If I follow the wiring diagram correctly, that fuse should only have power when the ignition switch is on. Does your radio/wipers/cigarette lighter socket/horn work with key out? If so, your ignition switch is bad. There was a recent thread about this same issue, and junk aftermarket switches.
Just wanted to give an update for anyone who may have this problem in the future. After ordering the wrong ignition switch (had the wrong number of pins), I eventually decided to order a new ambient temp sensor instead since my ignition switch didn't appear to be all that worn out. After wiring up the new sensor, I'm no longer having an issue with a draw or the other accessories staying on. Not entirely sure why the lack of the ambient temp sensor was causing those other issues, but just glad that it's finally working.