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960 oil pan on T6/RN block; What to do for oil filter spigot?


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Sep 3, 2004
Just ran in to my first serious hurdle, going to put the 960 oil pan on my T6 block, just found that there's no provision to thread in the oil filter spigot for the spin-on filter. Hole seems too big to just tap to size, what have people done for this?
I remember this nasty surprise. I think the earliest blocks were threaded but Volvo stopped bothering at some point.

I indeed tapped mine. The biggest challenge is getting it square. When I did mine, I was a dumb kid and expediency often trumped... doing things properly.

The right way to do it would be to use a milling machine so things stay square, I did it by hand, as kids do.

It wasn't quite square, but I was at least smart enough to know it was not square. I knew that getting oil filters to seal would be a pita so I got a remote oil filter kit. I loaded the o ring that seals to the block with black Toyota goo and put it on there good and tight.
It never leaked, but it in hindsight it was not "proper". Lol
I found a solution. Stubbornness! I decided I'm not going home until I figured this one out.
I welded a bead on the 960 one and then machined it down to fit in the hole in the block sitting just a c-hair proud of the surface. The pan being bolted on provides a bit of clamping. Found an o ring that fits around it, it squishes in nice and tight and will be good enough to thread a filter on and off of. The flange I welded and machined is big enough it can't pull through the pan. I will put some green loctite on it for good measure when I bolt everything together for the final assembly.
Now to figure out a solution for the stripped drain plug threads...


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I see you already solved the issue but I believe you can also use a 1995?+ 960 oil pan where the stud is threaded into the pan and not the block
I see you already solved the issue but I believe you can also use a 1995?+ 960 oil pan where the stud is threaded into the pan and not the block
I'm sure I could, but I don't want to have to find one. I already have this pan, so I figured I'd better make it work.
When you did get it mounted up make sure to send pictures, I know I walked away from an early pan before but seeing a solution would be helpful across the board.
I would run green loctite on that thing if for nothing else to make sure you don't have any issues with it spinning in the future when you go to replace the filter.