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98' 945 B230FT M90 my first turbobrick

P80 (S70, 850, V70 I, C70 I) has 65.1mm center hub bore, bolt circle 5x108 like 940. Will have 7.5'x18' Triton from C70 I T5 in the near future and try to mount them, they have offset 43mm.
The wheels I may use are 18x8, ET45. Bore doesn't really matter per se, since hub centric rings can be used if needed. 7.5" wide may get away with narrower spacers, I think many use 24mm/30mm spacers for typical FWD Volvo wheels
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Thank you, already found 24mm spacers, but price here... 150€ for one axle. 🙄

I found a 2-pin connector on the right front fender, next to the coolant expansion tank, don't know for what it is?

Do someone know for what are these two connectors from photos?

First one under intake manifold and the second one next to the right head lamp.

Thank you in advance for the help