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A higher ground (pics)


Active member
Apr 28, 2007
The Hill, Shinshu Japan
While finding my dead alternator I decided to improve my battery- to block connection.


Well-cleaned block terminal.

Add a little heat:


Old gunk flows out and is replaced with clean solder


I r serius...


And cleaning up a new spot for the ground:


The ground bolt removed earlier works just fine here too; wire is routed with stock hardware.


A good connection that's easy to check.

my personal preference is the volvo cables are a little small....
I would have gone with something in the 2g range
also one on each side of the block

and also bigger battery - to chasis wire
I ran the following:
-8 gauge neg from alt to motor
-4 gauge neg from alt to battery
-4 gauge neg from battery to chassis
-4 gauge pos from alt to battery
-4 gauge pos from battery to starter
-8 gauge from back of head to firewall

I'll be running 4 gauge or larger to the rear for the amps when the time comes.