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Add knock light to LH2.4?


Jun 6, 2007
Right here
I've tried searching TB and Google, the Saab APC answer clogs the results.

I can hear okay, sorta; I'm careful. But I have various buzzes and rattles in the car that confuse me. And anyway, a light lights better than I can hear.

Can the output from the knock sensor be wired to a light without upsetting it's main function?
I could never get knocksense to work... I found it far too sensitive... tried every configuration I could think of... the kicker was when I had the mechanical detcans hooked up and could hear knock, but never saw anything register in the knocksense.. The electronic det can (miata turbo link) is a really nice step up but it picks up everything... I have found that I really have to be paying attention which is hard in a moving vehicle.

The next one I will try is this http://www.rx8club.com/series-i-do-...-filtered-det-phones-knock-indication-253653/ using a graphic equalizer to filter out everything around 6kHz.
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Pin 4 of the EZK goes low when knock is detected to instruct the ECU to inject more fuel.
I've no idea if that would provide any useful information, but it may be worth wiring a light up as an experiment.


Yeah, I decided as soon as I saw KnockSense--which I've seen for MS but was unaware of for LH--that I'd send the money and spend my time doing other than reinventing that wheel. I ordered one today. Def don't wanna hook things into the ECU inputs that wiser sages have not already hashed out.

I've read up on KS now, seems it will do what I want as well as my old motor will allow.