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240 am i supposed to get this mileage?


Active member
Dec 5, 2009
Portland, OR
soooo with the new manual 1983 non intercooler turbo wagon ive been getting some bad mileage, well i think it is, the best i got is 13 on the highway and 11 in the city,
the car had just been serviced and has new ngk plugs, mann air filter, 8 mm ipd wires, fuel filter, and a fresh tune from a volvo expert, it seems kinda weird, it just eats gas, and i checked the plugs and they were not black, not running rich. im only getting about 140 miles on a decent day on one tank, running super. so is this just normal or what, watcha think?
not normal. my 240 was doing this in february, the cold start injector was stuck firing (cold start condition)
if you're not running rich, that might not be it for you though
You've got something wrong somewhere. My SS395/375 Chevelle got 18-20 on hwy
try looking at your fuel output at the injectors. i noticed my same car(auto) is running rich when i stopped driving and looked at the hatch. i have small dots all over it.

or at least try adjusting the mixture. im not too sure on what would cause super low milage without running rich.