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And it all fits conveniently under the strut tower brace......


1 throttle plate per cyl!
Dec 7, 2006
Knoxville TN
ITBs are coming together. I figured I'd share with the class.

mmmm, ITBs.

You should get Ben's brace, I'll bet it'd help keep things a little more rigid with all the torque that thing will make.
Sweeeet. I can't see very well, didn't know if that was a webber manifold or not. haha.
Definitely a weber dcoe style manifold. The jenveys are actually dcoe replacements. I liked the look of them better than the modular newer looking ones like extrudabody and such
i cant hate on this 350 :)

Well by the time I get the individual coils sorted I probably could've bought 3 LS motors with the coin I've dropped. Even with the fully assembled stroker I have on the stand already......
But what fun would that be :lol: