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Andrewhans 240 LS Swap, Going for 8's

Ripped out the trigger wire for my secondary fuel pumps and used it to get me home lol

Thinking about just doing the drag week on the stock L33 engine instead of swapping in the TSP 5.3. I'd be switching over to a different intake(NNBS), gen 4 vs gen 3 sensors and the throttle body is a different angle. Just not sure I want to scramble that all together.
isn't drag week way later this year?
isn't drag week way later this year?
July. So I should have time to get the new engine in and bugs worked out.

So far the old L33 is surviving and loving 12psi on 93oct with about 15.5 deg of timing. The ringlands are still in it so I'm going to knock 1/2 a deg of timing out of it and keep working on the fueling to make the 13-14psi a safe 11.5AFR or so.

The powerglide shifts under full throttle at 6600rpm are a nice strong bump as they engage. A ton of fun.
I suck at keeping this up to date sometimes.
I refused to be "afraid" of washing the car so I got it washed up again. Looks great and everything was fine for the first time ever lol

I really love the lighting strips in the car. I may do a separate bulb for just when I need a little light near the center console that is always on. Just a tiny orange/yellow LED that points down I can dim way down

I've been chasing a leak from the windshield area. Thought it was the wiper stalk seals but it isn't. They look nice though lol
Not sure what happened but out of nowhere the oil drain line absolutely cooked itself. Gotta be an exhaust leak or something similar. These tubular headers have been VERY hot under the engine bay. One of the huge reasons I like truck manifolds is the heat retention. They are basically better in everyway if you're staying under 1400whp or so.

So I took it as a sign to pull the engine and drop in the Texas Speed 5.3. Funny how little things can trigger large decisions lol
First though I needed to help my father in law do the brakes on his truck. To keep the oil line from dumping oil everywhere and to keep from killing the turbo from no oil flow I ziptied the wheel to keep it from spinning and then capped off the oil feed. Worked perfectly bc I was only putting the car int he street and back into the garage later on.
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TSP 5.3 finally ready to go in

Nice shot of turbo placement without the turbo installed

Plugs. Tons of street pumpgas miles. Looked ok to me. New ones will go in.

This is my oil line solution. Bought new line and also grabbed some 1" ID firesleeve. Pretty cheap considering the protection it offers from burning your car to the ground.
Getting the engine out in this garage requires a lot of sliding the hoist around and moving a little here and then a little there. Got it out with no real drama though.

Some random shots of the new engine

This is the only "concerning" thing. Looks like a "big bore" head on the 5.3 bore block. Valve clearance is extremely tight but it spins over by hand freely soooo...... it's gonna get installed.
I was able to power through a BUNCH of progress the last week.
Final shot of the engine all beautiful before it gets covers with old junk lol

Old valve covers were so dirty that when I poured oil through them literal dirt was being transferred into the engine. I caved and bought new covers bc I wasn't sure how to clean the internal baffle area.

Texas Speed supplied break in oil for the engine

Got it fired up after a little playing with the fuel table on Friday night.

Saturday morning I drove the car out and decided to take a good photo before the carshow about 15-20miles away

Shortly after that photo I had the fuel table close enough to have some fun. Needs to be leaned out and turned up but it was a lot of fun. This was a powerglide 1-2 shift. The shift occurred around 80-85mph or so. Floored it at about 40mph. This engine is going to be a ton of fun.

I may or not have entered a 2 step competition that day. I may or may not have accidentally hit 7400rpm too. Quick datalog of the rpm. Oil pressure is killer on this engine.
I can't believe I stopped updating this thread there... sorry about that.

Before the drag n drive I had some niceties I wanted to get fixed up. Decided to add brand new carpet to the car that I completely cut like an idiot... oh well. Its in and its so nice to have :)

Also added some cupholders which are so nice

Decided to help the rear springs out while the car is gonna be fully loaded while driving and through in some helper bags

Traded in the PT Cruise fan for a 940 electric fan setup which fits perfectly

Getting ready for the dyno. Got tuned on a heartbreaker dyno and it went great. Drove 2hrs there, full dyno session with pump 93 to start and about e50 to finish then drove a couple hrs home. Overall a very fun day.

Drove in on the 494whp(14psi, rich and soft on timing), 585whp is where we stopped on 93oct(15psi) and we ran out of boost controller on e50 around that 760whp number on 17psi.

After the dyno I kept on with safety upgrades. Started with a driveshaft loop that meets NHRA requirements. I bought a universal kit of Jegs and cut it up to do what I needed. Not a single extra piece of metal was needed than what the kit included.

Next thing was the transmission blanket which is an absolute NIGHTMARE to install. Likely will get an SFI case in the future bc this SUCKED lol
After the dyno I drove it a BUNCH to try and break it before RaceWeek. Left it out in the rain and drove it in the rain a few times to make sure it was fine. Never skipped a beat. I'd rather break it and not go than get stranded a few hundred miles away from home with a huge bill. Did TONS of big pulls and lots of tire marks were left all over the area. Had a really great time.

This is the Summit Racing Midwest Drags event that took place in July of 2023

Started with packing the car up the night prior so we could leave all ready to go with no stress. My wife was my co-pilot and I couldn't have asked for a better partner to bring with me.

Summit Racing's MidWest Drags 2023 has officially begun!

In the driveway. Had to stop and take a pic bc this was the moment it all felt real I was actually doing this!

After the 300 mile drive from NJ down to VA I grabbed another victory shot.

We woke up early and did out tech inspection. Decided as soon as we passed tech to drive even farther south to Goldsboro, NC to surprise some great friends. I gave up test passes and ate up the ENTIRE day but man was it worth it :)

At this point teh trip had already been the experience of a lifetime and I only made it through Tech inspection and got registered lol.
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Day one of Racing was a learning experience. Minimum 2 timeslips need to be turned in each racing day. Anything over 1 second on your reaction time gets added to your ET. The goal was to get as close to a 10.0 as possible.

The shitty part was that I didn't get my transbrake working so I couldn't bump in and launch good. Had to footbrake every pass with a powerglide and I couldnt just sit at the light which absolutely killed any shot of me building boost so my 60' was terrible for the entire week.

I turned in the 11.49 and the 11.03 bc of that rule about the reaction time.

The drive for day one wasn't too bad besides the heat. We averaged 104 in the car with all 4 windows down at highway speeds. Remember this was a July drag n drive lol

Got to the hotel without much drama and overall it was a very easy day
Day 2 was an 2 runs and done day. We were packing up to leave while people were still coming in the gates at 11am. :)

Even had plenty of time to actually stop at the diner and get lunch bc we got there so early.

S&W Race Cars was the 2nd stop of the drive

This made for another early day to the hotel and getting dinner at a totally normal time.
Day 3 was a good and very early day again but had to make 3 runs bc one was in the 11's

The wife was such a trooper and a HUGE help through this whole experience.

Stopped at a fish joint for the stop of the day