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Another Getrag swap in a 740


New member
May 18, 2003
Santiago de Chile
I finally installed the getrag 265 gerabox in my 740T, with the aid of 745T+ who supplied the gearbox, shifter linkage, Clutchnet clutch and the RSI adapter kit. The shifter linkage came from an '82 528E and needed no lenghtening, just a pair of supports from the lower 2 bolts of the cage to the gearbox. 745T+ made a short throw shifter for me that is on the way.
I am using a B20 engine mount as tranny mount but it is a bit tall for my setup, so I had to shim 3 mm. the driveshaft bearing support to avoid vibrations when accelerating due to the giubo flexing.
It is an outstanding gearbox. Shifts nice and very precise. I have no idle rattle when cold and a bit of rattle when hot, but definitively less rattle than with the m46. I like the taller 1st. gear.
The clutch is very grabby and you have to get used to it in town driving but seems to hold a lot of power.
See the pictures, and the horrible shift knob......(just waiting the BMW know I ordered from ebay)





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