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apostrophes appearing as question marks


Bored Member
Jun 14, 2004
Satan's Kingdom, Ma.
(Apparently, this thread didn't survive TBageddon 2022. So here it is again.)

For the last few months, apostrophes have been replaced for ?.

At first, I thought Churd forgot which character to use, but it's coming up on much older posts.

Is anyone experiencing this?

Instead of "there's a cat in my mother's car" I'm getting "there?s a cat in my mother?s car"

Sometimes other extraneous characters appear, almost like line-noise from days of old.

Does anyone have ideas as to the cause?
I have experienced this too. There are 2 different types of apostrophes in type, they're called dumb and smart apostrophes. On a computer keyboard the default apostrophe is usually the dumb one, and is also used to denote feet. The smart one is the slanted on, and is technically the correct one to use for possessive punctuation. ' or ’ . I do not know what's happening, but I've seen it happen with my posts and I've yet to draw any correlation if it depends on what device I'm using.
If I said it once, I said it a million tim....... okay, just once, and it got lost in the Great Purge Of April.

Apparently the main problem is how older versions of vBulletin (badly) translate UTF-8 character to HTML.

One of many posts:

Please do not (notice no contractions requiring an apostrophe) make the bosses try to fix it, or the site may go down for a year. :run:
Also this:

RWC's browser is ~3? years old? :lol:
So, apostrophe's work just fine?

Edit: strange...worked that time on quick reply on an old(ish) computer (intel ~2009? bootcamp IWac w/barely supported up to date browser/software)?)?