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New member
Sep 7, 2022
Hi, hoping you knowledgeable people can help.
Have a marine Volvo B234F - AQ171c 16valve non turbo and have had a major failure and it needs a rebuild.
Many of the OEM parts are no longer available so I am limited in what I can do.
Looks like a main block failure at this stage but it has also damaged beyond repair the inlet Camshaft, (the one with the distributor attached).
Can anyone confirm if the Ajusa B234F inlet camshaft - part number 93062700 as it looks similar is a direct replacement?
Yoshifab also do an uprated camshaft but not sure on this yet.
It may mean that the engine is completely damaged beyond repair as i haven't stripped the bottom end yet, but it would be good to know regarding the camshaft in moving forward.
Thank you.
What is the application for this engine, boat or car?

The Ajusa camshaft is a "car" camshaft, not a "boat/penta" cam. They will fit, but they have different camshaft profiles. You can buy a used set of cams for ~$200 usd.

If the cam is shot due to oil starvation, the cam journals are also probably damaged. You can get these line bored (~$300), or if you can find someone with the older reamer with bearing shells that might be cheaper. You can also just put any other 16v cam cradle on there. Yes they are supposed to be a matched set, but the overall height differences between heads is so incredibly small that it doesn't matter.
Many thanks for your response.
It is for a boat, the Camshaft end fittings have completely sheared and not repairable. I have 2 AQ171's in my boat and have done my best to keep them running. But this time it looks terminal as it looks like Piston or Con rod failure jamming the engine causing the snapped ends of the Camshaft. As I have 2 engines I was looking at trying to repair otherwise its 2 engine replacements at vast cost. Marine spares for these engines are very rare now - hence the question.
The internals of the engine : rods, bearings, pistons, cams are all interchangeable with the correct automotive parts.... and this will most likely save you money.
The downside is that there are no "cheap" piston options, 86mm stroke NA 16v pistons are around $700-800 for a set of 4 with rings.
Alternatively, you can take a b230ft (turbo) piston, remove 3mm from the top of the crown and add valve reliefs. This is going to be the cheapest way most likely.. I have not priced a aq171 piston.

The connecting rods are 152mm length, and can be swapped with a b230 automotive con-rod.

For cams, You can find a set of Penta cams for reasonable cheap.. or slap a b234f "car" cam in there and call it good.