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B200F won't run when warm


May 6, 2011
So, I did change the pump+filter which is in tank. 40km driving and car started to twitch. Some more rriving and it didn't run so well anymore, if i give gas to it it will shut down. after it left me to the highway i changed:

fuel relay
fuel pump
fuel filter
spark plugs

Now it runs pretty well till it gets warm, then it dies immediately if i give gas to it. Next I'm going to change coil.

Sorry for my bad english :oops:
It is the rear most temp sensor on the head, you can and should test it at the ECU, as this will test the wiring as well. See link below for testing.
http://www.nuceng.ca/workspace/Volvo FAQ Site/EngineSensors.html#DiagnosingECTFailures

Edit: A bad temp sensor will make the engine run rich when warm.

Cheers mate :volvo:

I found another site that told me that my temp sensor is gone. :-( Now I just need new one.


Fuel injection
-read the repair manual
-2.5.4 ENgine Coolant Temperature Sensor/Thermal Switch
Sensor, distributor head, spark plug wiring, ignitor coil, changed and I did drive it yesterday for 7km. Then it did it again. this morning in drove it back to my place and i changed ignitor coil, it ran better, but it shut down again. Gasoline is brown. New pump is very loud, it screams like a pig!

Last weekend it did run for warm, now it runs till it is hot. :-(
This isn't going anywhere. I have changed pumps, filters, spark plugs, spark plug wiring, distributor head, fuel pump/injection relay, lambda and mass airflow sensors.

So, now it runs great, until I drive longer trip than 1km, then it shuts down when I give gas for it. Engine idles fine, but mixture is too lean. Every lambda sensor which I have tried, give too low voltage. It's around .785VDC to .009VDC, never over .8XXVDC. I took coolant sensor plug off and Jetronic isn't giving fault indication at all. I get new box next week.