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B230FK Flywheel placement.


New member
Feb 16, 2023
Hi yall! My name is ron from the netherlands.
24 years old and currently swapping my b200e for an b230fk 940 engine.

Now my question: I replaced the doublemass flywheel on the b230fk with the single dogdish.
I forgot to mark the flywheel, so i lost my refference point for the new flywheel.

Can anyone please give me some information on how to put the flywheel on my engine?
All i know is i need to put the Cilinder 1 on TDP

Greetings Ron.
The easiest way to line up the dog dish flywheel is to put the engine at top dead center number one cylinder firing. Then place the LH2.4 toothed flywheel on the crank so one of the undrilled locations is in the hole for the starter. You have two undrilled locations and either one can be used for alignment.