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940 B230FT head on a NA B230 engine?


New member
Feb 19, 2006
Brookfield, CT
Hey guys.

This NA '94 945 I picked up last week needed (needs) a head. No problem, I thought, I have two complete 530 heads off turbo engines taking up room in my garage.

Question I have before I install one of 'em on this engine though is what should I do with the cam? Leave the turbo cam in the head and run it on the non-turbo engine, or swap in the NA cam?

Also, car didn't come with the injectors, is it ok to run the green injectors that came out of a turbo car on this NA car?


AFAIK the only difference is the turbo heads have different exhaust valves meant to withstand higher exhaust port temps. It's the pistons that lower the compression ratio of the turbo engine. Turbo cam may be milder. Injectors may be higher flow.
The T cam from a turbo seems like a nicer cam than the horrible M cam that came stock in the B230F.. I say go for it!

Don't use green turbo injectors though if you keep the stock NA ecu. If you want 'better' injectors, there are various newer Volvo's with slightly more modern injectors. There was a thread about that some time ago, some people had good results (mpg, smoother?). I think some 960's and NA 5 cylinders.
I had 960 3.0 injectors on an N/A B230. B239FB, to be exact... There has been some improvement over stock. Not really noticable on an N/A slug, but it might have been smoother.

Just if OP was wondering why not to use turbo injectors...they are low impedence whereas N/A ones high impedence, so N/A ecu won't be able to fire them, unless you put in resistors, but I really don't see the point...

I'd, too, keep the T cam.
A T cam and Volvo Pink injectors transformed my Auto N/A LH2.4 B230F. It'd be pretty terrible with a manual as it runs out of puff north of 4.5k.

The LH2.4 might adapt to the Turbo injectors, but it'll have plenty of rough spots. Get something closer to the stock flow.
yellow N/A injectors (0 280 150 762) are high ohm .
green one -turbo- (0 280 150 804) are low ohm .
You cannot swap them w/o resistor pack.
Thanks for the input, fellas.

I'll go on ahead with a turbo head and cam then, and now that the seller has found the fuel rail and injectors (communicated to me this afternoon) I guess the green injector question is a moot point.

I won't know what injectors he has from this engine until I see him next week, but it sounds like if I could source a set of pink injectors I might be in better shape than with the stock ones. Anyone else have any experience with this? And that said, anyone have a lead on a set of these for sale clean and ready to install?


Check the for sale section.
The injectors I got from this gentleman were great.

The newer bosch injectors have a much nicer spray pattern and atomization. They make a noticeable difference to the smoothness of the idle.

The yellow injectors are pretty close to the N/A LH2.4 for flow. The Pink are about 15% more. I went with the pink personally to try and work around some lean spots I've been seeing, but to be honest I'd probably have been just as good with the Yellow and a new MAF.
Nicer idle and a bit more torque down low (we're talking fractions of fractions). No noticeable improvement in economy.
The heads are identical... valve differences are moot. With an auto trans, you get zilch from running a 'T' cam in an N/A. Been there, done that. What did help? Doubling the number of camshafts by swapping in a complete B234F.

For an N/A motor, run an 'A' cam advanced a couple degrees. Why not keep your stock injectors? Plenty of bandwidth in them. I'm still using Regina injectors in my hodge podged B234 install, and the car still pulls about as well as my turbo car.