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B230ft into my 740GLE now wierd noises


Active member
Sep 24, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA
B230ft into my 740GLE now weird noises

After a few hard days of work I finally got my b230ft into my non-turbo 740. When I went to hook up the battery, if both pos and neg are connected the engine makes a loud noise like it wants to crank. Is this a bad ground somewhere or something else. Any ideas?
why was this moved? i say swapping a B230FT into a car that normally has a B230F performance... =/

he's doing a wire harness similar to the +t style.

any help?
I am running a b230ft out of a 1992 740 in my 1986 740gle. I wired it up like an f+t by lengthening the air mass meter wiring to across the car. I am using the turbo ecu with the NA injectors. Will this setup run okay until I get the harness for the ballast resistors for the greentops wired up? I also swapped out my lh2.4 distributor for the one off my b230f.


I played with the distibutor all day because i think i had it on backwards. Now the car will start and idle but dies when i give it gas. I think the AMM might have gone bad because it was out of my car for a week and i might have broken it while it sat in my garage. Also the extension i made to wire it to the other side might be a little messed up so i need to look into that as well but I just ran out of daylight. I know that another problem is the vacuum lines. Does anyone have pictures or better yet a diagram of where the vacuum lines on the intake go exactly? Help me I'm so close to boosted goodness.
I think it is normal that a car can run with the AMM disconnected and will die if you give it gas so I guess your wiring is suspect. Why do you think you broke it?
It's just a hunch, I think I'll be able to figure it out tomorrow because I picked up two other 007 AMM's to test the wiring with.