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It was in the parking lot in front of the building. I just didn't know who to look for as I had missed Davis that year. I had a gold 93 850 manual at the time.

I really like that blue :nod:
Looked a lot like an old couch pillow that someone put in the hole so you wouldn't have to sit on carpet. Was surprisingly comfortable.
Since Badger didn't make it to Davis or IPD shows I've been procrastinating working on the screwed up front sheet metal so I can start prepping for paint. Still undecided if I am going to do just the engine compartment or the entire car. Time and money says it will most likely be just the engine compartment, but we'll see if I get carried away and paint the whole car or not.

Front left inner fender was wrinkled up pretty badly from an accident before I owned it. Half assed repair means I needed to do a fair amount of work to make it look "normal" again. Battery tray support was also badly rusted and dented.

So today I removed the old battery tray support by drilling the spot welds out. Grinded and wire wheeled that entire area for a while, then hammer and dollied for a while to get it back into a recognizable shape.


Next will be rust killer, weld a good used battery tray support in and a skim coat of filler to smooth out the handiwork of the idiots before me. Should be presentable enough once it's all done.
I guess I forgot to mention that I have the motor essentially all done and ready to go in except a couple small brackets that need to be plated. I'll try to snap a current pic tomorrow. Until then I have these 2 from just before IPD show.