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what sort of plating is on the pulleys? that thing looks better than new!
Nice rail and stuff. Geniune gold cad or gold zinc?
It's just zinc.

did you powdercoat the head? or is it just nice and clean?
It's cleaned (and I'm talking every speck of it) then I use a light coat of Plasti-Coat "Aluminum" spray paint just to make it look new. I do that on all the cast aluminum parts to make them look new again. I've done raw bead blasting in the past but it opens up the pores and grease/dirt stick to it like crazy then.

Pat, that new b230 looks sexy as fack. Are you going to save the fender, or go 86+/row front end?
Fenders aren't hurt. The damage I'm fixing now is from a previous owner's accident. That being said, I'm unsure if I want RoW or US spec front.

I used Por15 rust killer on the entire battery tray area.



After letting that cure for a couple days I welded the new (used) battery tray support back on, skimmed the "massaged" areas with filler, sanded it down smooth and self etching primered the entire area.


Next up is some high build primer and a little more sanding in that area to remove the sanding scratches. Repeat that a couple times and the rest of the engine bay will then be ready for minor sanding/scuffing/priming of bare metal areas in preparation for a shiny new coat of paint.
Backdate :lol: :

Here are several pics of the previously mentioned motor that is sitting in corner wrapped up. There are a couple items that are being plated for it still, but it's mostly complete. Some of the wiring needs to be tidied/sinched up, but I keep forgetting to stop and get new wire loom holders.






nicely modified oil pan, too

I modified the pan because it will most likely see a couple track days. Most people don't see it. Though it's supposed to "look" stock it will be a little peppier at close to 11:1, a K cam and lightened flywheel. I'm really looking forward to driving it every day again. Eventual plan is to rebuild the original B23 into a 2.6 with more hidden work and still look stock.
Pat...that motor's so anal retentive clean, I just heard Bergen's pucker slam shut from Seattle! Beautifully done prep man. Badger deserves it!
What modifications are done to the pan?
I just cut a hole in side the of pan and weld part of a pipe on it so it creates kind of a tidal wave effect with the oil as it sloshes to that side. Otherwise it runs up the block. I stole the idea from Eric M a long time ago. Seems to work okay and it's easy to do.